Ways to Prevent Your Text Messages From Being Filtered

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Toll-Free Numbers in Vetspire: 

  • Organization Admins when you purchase a new toll-free Number, please reach out to Vetspire Support through Chat or through Support.Vetspire.com with the new number. We now have to submit paperwork to Twilio for every new Toll-free number A number of Vetspire locations using texting toll-free numbers getting blocked by carriers "Marked as Spam". 

Tips To Prevent Your Messages From Being Blocked by Carriers:

  • Any reminder needs to have the opt-out of "STOP to unsubscribe" 
  • If you are using a macro as a reminder and is sent consistently you need to include "STOP to unsubscribe" in that macro. 
  • Text reminders should never be formatted like an email, with paragraphs and spaces. 
  •  An SMS (text) is still technically 160 characters.  So longer the SMS the greater the chances of it being flagged by a carrier. 
  • Vetspire nor Twillio can override a carrier's decision to mark a text as spam, we can only appeal a decision.  

How Does Text Unsubscribe Work: 

  • Currently, Twilio will just unsubscribe the receiver(client) from the Vetspire clinic number.
  • This will not be reflected in Vetspire. (This is a future enhancement)
  • If the client wants to start getting messages again they need to text "start" to the number they unsubscribed from.

Common link-shortening 

  •  Common link-shortening is not supported by Twilio (our third-party vendor) & US carriers. 
  • Below is a list of some of the most common link-shortening services, any of which may be blocked by certain carriers:
  • bit.ly
  • goo.gl
  • tinyurl.com
  • tiny.cc
  • is.gd
  • soo.gd
  • s2r.co
  • clicky.me
  • budurl.com
  • bc.vc

Cannabis/CBD-related Messaging

  • We have been made aware that messages related to cannabis/CBD are not being sent to clients.

    • SMS or MMS messages related to cannabis and are not allowed in the United States, as federal laws prohibit its sale, even though some states have legalized it. Similarly, messages related to CBD products are not permissible in the United States, as certain states prohibit its sale. There are no exceptions to this policy.
    • Twilio, Vetspire's messaging provider, defines a cannabis-related message as any message which relates to the marketing or sale of a cannabis product, regardless of whether or not those messages explicitly contain cannabis terms, images, or links to cannabis websites.
  • If information on cannabis/CBD products needs sent to clients, please use email as an alternative communication for these messages specifically.

Please understand that this is not a Vetspire decision, but guidelines put in place by Twilio and US carriers to try to comply with FCC guidelines. We recommend using the full-length link to prevent your messages from being filtered. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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