Antech: Setting Up your Antech Integration

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Practice Process

Practice to provide:

  • Clinic ID
  • Username
  • Password

Support Process

  1. Use the Clinic ID, Username, and Password to login to
  2. Once logged in, go to Account Settings > Clinic Profile


  1. Note the Account Number:

  1. Go to the practice’s Vetspire site and log in.
  2. Navigate to More > Admin > Labs
  3. Search for and select the practice you are setting up
  4. Click on Add New Laboratory in the top right corner.
  5. In the new box enter:
    1. Antech in Laboratory Name
    2. Select Antech in the Company drop-down
    3. Enter the account number in the Account Number box – DO NOT TAB!
    4. Click into the box for the username and enter it.
    5. Enter the password in the password box.
    6. Enter the Clinic ID number in the Clinic ID box
    7. Toggle Auto Invoice to Yes.
    8. Click update

  1. Test the integration by:
    1. Selecting the practice in the drop-down in the top right corner

  1. Go to a test patient (e.g. D.O.G. Breckenridge)
  2. Start a new encounter (e.g. Note - Orders & Notes (PVA))

  1. Clinic on ‘+ Order Lab’ above the Orders box
  2. In the new box, select Antech in the Lab box
  3. Select a test from the drop-down
  4. Select a provider (e.g. Team No Provider)
  5. Click Order Lab

  1. Login to with practice’s credentials
  2. If the test shows up in In Process the integration is good

  1. If the test does not show, verify that the Username, Password, Account Number, and Clinic ID was entered correctly (items are case specific).
  2. Retest if any changes were made.
  3. Still not working?  Reach out to Idexx at (888) 433-9987 select option 5 and then 2.


  1. In order to be able to Auto-Invoice Antech Labs, please ensure all of your Antech codes have the corresponding diagnostic codes listed in the Product Details.

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