Objective Section- Using the Encounter Builder to Create the Objective Section

Modified on Mon, Mar 14, 2022 at 10:21 AM

Under the encounter builder, you can now make encounters that have Objective sections. This can with "Normal" language auto-fill in the notes when "Normal" is selected and/or have"Normal" language disappear if click the "Not Examined" or "Abnormal" button. 


  • If you follow these steps below. The Exam will not default to "Normal". Defaulting to "Normal" is not recommended and is not legal in some states. 
  • If the "Normal" or "Abnormal" flag is not selected. The PDF notes will not indicate an evaluation/exam was performed 
  • When you select "Normal" Vetspire will auto-fill in the finding based on what you programed as the "Normal" findings. The "Abnormal" finding can't have a default prepopulated field. 

How To: 

  1. More-Admin-Encounter Types - Select Your Encounter 
  2. Expand the "Objective" Section 
  3. Expand the first area you want to edit 
  4. Add what you want to be prepopulated when the "Normal" flag is selected & click the "Add Option" button three times. 
  5. Follow the steps listed in the screenshot below.  
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 for each objective.  

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