Suggested Combo Vaccine Protocol Setup

Modified on Fri, 17 Mar 2023 at 03:35 PM

Combo Vaccines can be complicated to set up, especially when the follow-up vaccinations require reminders on different dates. 

We have created a recommended setup model that allows different follow-up reminders to be generated without having to manually add them to the patient chart. 

The main product included in the vaccine will be the one that is ordered, and then the recommendation is to create linked product codes for the included portions of the vaccine. 

With DHLPP, the acronym must be broken with a space or period to disrupt hard-coded reminders from populating. Alternatively, the product can be renamed as "DHPP+L4" or simply "Distemper." 

Then, a product with "Lepto" or "Lepto (Included in Combo)" as the name will need to be created. 

  • The goal is to create products that generate reminders, but don't have a price. 
    • VX_Combo1 is an example of a diagnostic code that could be used...create codes for these linked products that are simple to search in the future.
  • This product does need to be enabled for each location, but no price needs to be set.

After the creation of the included product, it must be linked to the main product. As the main product, this will have a price enabled. 

  • If products are managed via the Inventory & Services tab:

  • Or the Financial > Products page:

Linking the included products to the main product ensures that when the main product is ordered, all linked products are included; and since they are separate line items, each can be assigned as a trigger product for a different reminder

For this example:

The main product is DHL PP Vaccine, and the linked product is Lepto (included with Combo).

On the encounter, order the DHL PP Vaccine and fill out the required data. 

When the main product is ordered, all linked products add as well. 

*Note the "Invalid Date" for the Lepto (Included with Combo), allowing that product to be edited and the appropriate reminder selected for this portion of the vaccine.

Now, the patient has individual reminders for Distemper Parvo and Lepto.

The Reminder Protocols should have the main product (DHL PP Vaccine) as a trigger for the Distemper Parvo Reminder and the included product, Lepto (Included with Combo),  as a trigger product for the Lepto Reminder

Feel free to reach out to Support for assistance 

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