Heska In-House Code List

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Blood gas HBG-1 Blood gas, electrolytes, metabolic
Blood type HCO-4 Blood type, Canine Dog
Blood type HCO-5 Blood type, Feline Cat
Chemistry HDC-17 Albumin
Chemistry HDC-8 ALP
Chemistry HDC-7 ALT
Chemistry HDC-28 Ammonia (NH3)
Chemistry HDC-21 Amylase
Chemistry HDC-11 AST
Chemistry HDC-10 Bilirubin, total
Chemistry HDC-12 BUN
Chemistry HDC-18 Calcium, total
Chemistry HDC-19 Cholesterol, total
Chemistry HDC-31 CompPlus Panel
Chemistry HDC-1 Comprehensive Panel
Chemistry HDC-26 Creatine kinase (CK)
Chemistry HDC-13 Creatinine
Chemistry HDC-29 Electrolytes
Chemistry HDC-2 Equine Panel
Chemistry HDC-9 GGT
Chemistry HDC-15 Glucose
Chemistry HDC-3 Kidney Panel
Chemistry HDC-22 LDH
Chemistry HDC-23 Lipase
Chemistry HDC-4 Liver Panel
Chemistry HDC-20 Magnesium
Chemistry HDC-14 Phosphorus, inorganic
Chemistry HDC-5 Plus Panel
Chemistry HDC-6 Pre-surgical Panel
Chemistry HDC-16 Protein, total
Chemistry HDC-24 tCO2
Chemistry HDC-25 Triglycerides, total
Chemistry HDC-27 Uric acid
Chemistry HEI-1 Bile Acids
Coagulation HCO-1 PT aPTT Dog, Cat
Coagulation HCO-2 Fibrinogen, equine Horse
Coagulation HCO-3 Fibrinogen, canine Dog
Endocrinology HEI-2 T4, total
Endocrinology HEI-3 TSH, canine Dog
Endocrinology HEI-4 Cortisol
Endocrinology HEI-5 Progesterone
Hematology HHEM-1 CBC
Parasitology HFEC-1 Fecal Float
Urinalysis HUR-1 Urine Sediment

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