Abaxis: Setting up your Abaxis Integration

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Abaxis (Zoetis)

Abaxis Process

You'll need to make sure that you have had Abaxis install the "Abaxis Fuse" device. This is a small rectangular box that allows Vetspire to connect directly to your Abaxis devices. You can read more about the Fuse device on Abaxis's website here: https://www.abaxis.com/veterinary/products/vetscan-fuse 


Abaxis or Practice Process

Get the Fuse URL, Username, and Password from either Abaxis or the Practice.  Note: The Fuse URL will be a bunch of numbers which will be unique to each practice.  The default Username and Password are Admin.

Support Process

Location ID:

  1. Get the Vetspire Location ID for the practice by navigating to More > Admin > Locations in Vetspire
  2. Look up the location you are setting up.
  3. The numbers in the ID column are the Location IDs
  4. Note this number for future steps.

Set up the Integration:

  1. In Vetspire, navigate to More > Admin > Labs
  2. Click the Add New Laboratory button in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the following in the fields found in the new box:
    1. Laboratory Name: Abaxis
    2. Company: Abaxis
    3. Account Number: Leave Blank
    4. Markup Multiple: Leave Blank
    5. Username: Vetspire Location ID from the Location ID section above.
    6. Password: Anything you want.  
    7. Clinic ID: Leave Blank
    8. Auto Invoice?: Yes
  4. Click Create.

Setting up the Fuse:

The below steps can be done remotely or while on site at the practice.   To set up the integration remotely, simply login to a practice computer using a 3rd party software (e.g. ConnectWise or TeamViewer)

  1. Go to any computer connected to the practice WiFi.
  2. Open a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc)
  3. Enter the URL for the Fuse (see Abaxis or Practice Process step from above) 
  4. Enter the Username & Password and click Login
  5. Navigate to the PIMS Integration screen and click Modify PIMS
  6. In the new screen enter the following:
    1. Pims Provider: Vetspire
    2. Username: Vetspire Location ID for the Location ID section above.
    3. Password: The one you chose in Set up the Integration section above.
    4. Server base URL: http://api2.vetspire.com
    5. Server poll endpoint: /labs/abaxis/orders
    6. Server results endpoint: /labs/abaxis/results
    7. Server ACK endpoint: /labs/abaxis/orders/{PracticeRef}/ack/{status}
    8. Server Devices endpoint: Leave Blank
  7. Hit Save & Restart 
  8. Once the Fuse has restarted, restart the lab machines.

Testing the Integration

Test the integration by:

  1. Selecting the practice in the drop-down in the top right corner
  2.  Go to a test patient (e.g. D.O.G. Breckenridge)
  3. Start a new encounter (e.g. Note - Orders & Notes (PVA))
  4. Clinic on ‘+ Order Lab’ above the Orders box
  5. In the new box, select Abaxis in the Lab box
  6. Select a test from the drop-down
  7. Select a provider (e.g. Team No Provider)
  8. Click Order Lab
  9. Login into the Fuse Website (see Abaxis or Practice Process)
  10. If the Patient shows on the Patients list the integration is set up correctly.  Note: I can sometimes take a minute or two for the patient to come up.
  11. If the test does not show, verify that the Username and Password you set up in Set up the Integration exactly match those used in Setting up the Fuse.
  12. Retest if any changes were made.  It is also helpful to restart the Fuse and lab machines
  13. Still not working.  Reach out to Zoetis at (888) 963-8471 select option 5.


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